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Middle School Teacher Lesley Roessing  wrote this clever picture book to teach her students comma rules. Read it to your students and share the songs on this website to make the rules stick forever.

I LOVE non-conventional books that teach grammar and skills in more interesting and clever ways, and this book is no exception! Read more.
Donald Wachholz

Grammar can be so abstract for students that they glaze over when you try to teach them about punctuation. Thankfully, Roessing has written an attractive book about comma usage that students will enjoy and learn from. The song approach that worked so well for the Schoolhouse Rock series is the great strength of this book; your students will learn (and remember) comma rules through original songs written to the tune of popular favorites. I am crossing my fingers for several spinoffs featuring songs about other punctuation marks!

This engaging and entertaining narrative will teach you everything you need to know about using commas correctly. It is a great book to use with student writers in all grades, especially if you download the accompanying tunes. Be sure to follow the directions on the amazon site instead of on the back cover if you want the music.
I think this is an excellent book for teachers and for all writers.    Diane (amazon review)